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Hey! Hi! Hello! My name is Darcey Drullinger Olsen and I am a lifestyle photographer based in Northwest Arkansas. 

I was raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma and graduated from Oklahoma State University with a B.S. in strategic communications and a minor in marketing. In the spring of 2020, I studied fashion media at the London College of Fashion. 

I first picked up a camera (my mom’s Cannon 60D back in 2014) when I was in 8th grade. Since I was young, I have loved being creative, primarily through fashion and photography, whether it be designing and styling my own pieces to make an outfit complete or planning a styled shoot with my neighbors in my backyard. In 2018, I was hired for my first shoot and have done photography as my “side hustle” ever since. After getting married, moving to a new state, and starting a corporate marketing job, my desire to create art through photography in my day-to-day life grew stronger, and I knew that I wanted to pursue this full-time. 

I am a storyteller and strive to tell authentic stories through art and photography. I firmly believe life and art go hand-in-hand, and I strive to seek the beauty in the “everyday” moments that make our lives meaningful and sweet. Photography is a lifelong investment because it captures a moment in time and holds it still for just a little while longer. My job is to dream and create moments for you, your brand, your family, and your friends that show raw joy, love, and beauty. Life is short but full of good - let’s capture it together!  

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